*UPDATED – 4/7* The Darkwind Cup – Hearthstone Limited Tournament by Katastros

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UPDATE – 6AM server time, 4/7/14: Just a heads up, we are at 15 participants now. To prevent the tournament from having too many wacky byes we are cutting off signups at 16 participants. That means there is only *1* spot left, hurry up and signup now!
Signups are now CLOSED. All 16 slots have been filled, here’s the final brackets:


More post coming in the Hearthstone forum.

Darkwind is proud to present our inaugural Darkwind Cup, a limited Hearthstone tournament. The tournament will be a double elimination bracket which can be found here. Each match will be played to the best of three games. This is a limited tournament and is meant to promote playing Hearthstone, especially with our guildmates. As such we will be limiting decks to only basic cards (meaning no cards earned from crafting or expert card packs.) If you need help figuring out what cards can be used or have any other gameplay questions please contact myself or Bakey.
The Darkwind Cup will be open to all guild members and signup will end 11:59PM server time on Friday, April 11th or once we have 16 signups, whichever happens first. You can signup by contacting either mentor or by posting in this thread. If you already signed up you are already in. Once signups are closed we will randomly seed the bracket (so what you see now is not final.)
Limited Tournament – Only Basic Cards allowed (contact a mentor if you are not sure what cards are allowed.)
Double Elimination Tournament, Randomly Seeded
Matches are best 2 out of 3 games
Lose two games, lost the match.
Lose two matches, you are out of the tournament.
Players will be given 1 week to coordinate their matchups and report wins/losses on the forum.
Decks/Heroes can be swapped between games.
Katastros and Bakey
Contact the mentors if you have any questions or concerns related to the tournament and/or gameplay, or if you need help coordinating matches.