Get to Know Your Guildie: Growliebear!

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If one was asked to describe Growliebear in a few words, the term “growlie” would probably not be included. Cheerful, fun, welcoming, funny, howl-y (get it? worgen!)… all of those are pretty apt. But ‘growlie’? Not a chance! You’re in for a treat, because you’re about to get to know Growliebear!

WoW Stuff

How long have you played wow?
I originally started playing WoW not too long after Burning Crusade launched back in 2007. (I’m not THAT old.. right??)  I was a very casual player that played a month or two at a time from BC until Cata, which is when I created Growliebear and joined Darkwind!

How did you come to start playing?
Originally I started playing in 2007 as a lot of my friends and co-workers played the game and I decided to join them. I played a dress-wearing Rogue! Needless to say I was not a great player at first and died A LOT, until I started playing my original maxed character, Risa the hunter.

What’s your favorite race/spec?
I mean… DRUID! Gotta love that orange text in gchat! A close second is hunter, which I’ve always loved for the whole “Hey look at my cute pets” aspect along with the fairly powerful dps. 

As for race, well of course I love Growlie as a female Worgen, but mostly because she’s a pupper ✅ who can be a bear ✅ or a cat ✅ or a deer ✅ or a dolphin ✅ or a bird ✅ or crit-chicken ✅ etc etc. 

But I pretty much like most of the others with the exceptions of Goblins, Undead and Diaper Babies. (RIP Diapershox)

What brought you to Darkwind?
Story time!

So back in the Cata days I had an itch to play some WoW after a long break. I logged into my old guild on a different server (Staghelm) and barely anyone was playing anymore. Minus a few people it was months or years since others logged on. 

So I asked on social media if any of my friends were playing and had a nice guild, and Dee reached out to me to tell me about this guild Darkwind on WRA.

Now… Back when I started playing in BC I had some online friends (not Dee!) who were REALLY into RP. It wasn’t my thing at all, but they needed an officiant for a RP wedding last minute that they already had a script for. They wanted a Blood Elf that didn’t have to be leveled far, just enough to wear some robes, and since I hadn’t rolled one yet I volunteered. For funsies.

So… I made a toon on this newer server named Moon Guard where they were. As a Blood Elf. It turned out just about how you can imagine. Needless to say I was not eager to try out another RP server ever again! 

Thankfully Dee convinced me to make an alt on WRA and at least try it out. I’m so thankful she did! 

What is your favorite thing to do in game?
Raiding! I’m no where near a hardcore raider, but I love raiding with the guild. Not only is it really fun to work together as a group to down a boss (and get shiny loot) but it’s a fun time to just hang out with fellow guildies. Even if Blood hates resto druids! Farming transmog in “old school” content and leveling alts can be fun as well and fishing when the mood strikes.

If wow were to suddenly disappear, what game would you be playing?
I’ve hopped around a few MMOs in my life, so if I did play another one I’d want to be where Aredawg and my friends are. And where I don’t spend most of the time being overwhelmed!

As for other games I have plenty that I enjoy. The Sims, Animal Crossing, Cities Skylines, No Man’s Sky, RTS games, etc.

If you could vacation anywhere in game…
The crystal cave in Un’Goro crater! It’s so magical!

If you were able to turn any in-game mount into a real life one…
The Wintersaber tiger! I spent a lot of time grinding that rep to get the mount back in the day, and even though it was super tedious it was worth it. Purple (or in this case periwinkle) is my favorite color.

If you were able to turn any in-game pet into a real –life one?
The sprite darter for sure! Especially if I can have one sit on my shoulder like a pretty pirate parrot.

What is your most favorite dungeon or raid in WoW? Least favorite?
That’s a tough one as I like so many of them! The original Scarlet Monastery brings back a lot of good memories of my friends and I making that huge dangerous hike to get there. Old-school Kara is definitely one of my favorites… minus the chess! Recently, I really enjoyed Castle Nathria’s Council of Blood encounter. “Boogie down!” 

I can tell you that my least favorite raid was the Crucible of Storms. The bosses were annoying, the whole design was all dark and oppressive, and it became irrelevant quickly with barely any loot upgrades. I’ve also never liked Gnomer, mostly because I get lost and the death noise of those gnomes creep me out. (Whaaa-huuhhh 🤢) Heroic Garrosh, Spine of Deathwing, and of course G’huun would be some of my least favorite bosses!

And recently Lady Inerva Darkvein in Nathria on Mythic. No matter what I did my brain would not process the geometry of the orbs!! But that’s more on me than the boss itself.

Who is your favorite character from the World of Warcraft and why.
Can I say Arthas? Cause yes, Arthas. Mostly when he’s The Lich King. If you don’t know why, ask Karensa! 😉

What is one of your favorite wow memories?
I have a LOT of great memories from playing WoW and I can’t think of them all right now but there are many. I know I love when a new xpac drops (and the servers are stable) and everyone is enjoying it and talking about what non-spoiler things are going on, linking all the cool stuff, and just that general excitement. I also love that feeling of FINALLY downing a boss that’s been hard to get for awhile. Especially the big-bad raid end bosses.

But my favorite of all time memory was the first time I ran a raid with the guild. I was new to the server and I had recently hit 60 so a few people decided to run AQ40 and bring me along for funsies. I think it was my first time using voice chat as well. I had recently learned all about those RP character add-ons with profiles and such, so when I was hanging back to avoid aggro I’d read the other’s profiles if they had one. 

Well there was one person that had a profile that was really well written so I whispered them and told them I liked their write up. We had a nice chat and they were very friendly and welcoming.  Now, at this point in time I don’t know anyone’s voices, so I wasn’t quite sure who was who. Since the profile wasn’t all about the character’s physical attributes (you know what I mean) I assumed the player was one of the ladies in the voice channel.

Well, I was wrong! Here it is about 10 years later and that random mage with the great write up is sitting next to me playing Minecraft.

What random event would you like Darkwind to do?
More irl meet-ups someday! When the world is less coo-coo-bananas of course. 

When Not Playing WoW

What are some of your hobbies?
Probably one of my favorite things I like to do is painting! Lately I’ve been painting mostly on rocks, but I also like to paint on canvas and other things from time to time. I also like to sculpt, paint gaming minis, embroider, do random crafts, garden (poorly!), care for the pets, foster hospice dogs, read, watch documentaries and listen to podcasts. I also play this game called D&D for some reason… 😂

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?
Fossil hunting and rockhounding! I did some when I was a kid and loved it but don’t have the time or energy anymore.

Do you collect anything?
A little bit but not much right now. Recently I’ve collected gaming dice and miniatures, lithop succulents, weird vintage costume or handmade jewelry, and paintbrushes. I do have a vintage My Little Pony and video game collection, but I’ve been selling a lot of both and keeping my favorites as I don’t really need as many things anymore. Nor enough room! 

Favorite book?
I read a lot of non fiction books or books based on true stories these days, but back when I could read more I really liked fantasy book series like the Wheel of Time, books from authors like Agatha Christie or Kurt Vonnegut, as well as books about animals like The Art of Racing in the Rain. Bonus points of the animal doesn’t die at the end. 

If you ever want things to get spicy ask me about what I think of Ayn Rand. I have… opinions… 🤨 

Favorite TV show?
The Simpsons, up to season 11. I know, I’m elitist, but after season 11 it just wasn’t the same anymore! I also enjoy a LOT of other shows but The Simpsons will always be my go to comfort show. 

Favorite movie?
This is a hard one, as I’ve had a lot of different favorite movies in my lifetime. When I was a kid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast as well as My Fair Lady were my favorites. When I was a young adult I loved a lot of movies like Moulin Rouge, Across the Universe, LOTR, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I also worked at Blockbuster back then so I enjoyed quite a few different titles that have been long since forgotten. Now? I’m not sure! I do like Pixar movies, Christopher Guest and Mel Brooks movies, (for the most part) Marvel movies, but most of the movies I watch these days are documentaries and that’s hard to compare them! 

Favorite meal/food?
Almond Boneless Chicken (war su gai) which is an Americanized Chinese food dish. Apparently it’s a Michigan/Ohio thing so I have yet to find any place that makes it out here in California. I literally DREAM about it! We tried to make it once, it was okay but it took forever to make and was not anywhere near the same. 

Coolest place you ever visited irl?
Italy! I went on a tour of Tuscany years ago when I was in college and I absolutely loved it. Florence was amazing, but my favorite was seeing the Sistine Chapel in person. It was literally breath-taking! 

Do you have any pets? If so, introduce us!
You know it! 

So there’s the (large and Growlie) Bear, who is my 15 year old black cat. She has extra toes and is quite ample. She is grumpy but she does love to snuggle next to me almost daily and comfort me when I’m not feeling well. She “picked me out” when she was a kitten and she’s been my best girl ever since. 

Lunkage (or Lunk) is my 8 year old Siamese mix cat who is super in love with the Bear (who mostly just tolerates him) and loves to spend his days with her or Sona. He has pretty blue crossed-eyes and very unique fur. He can be a jerk at times, but he’s been trying to be nice even though he’s bad at it! 

Sona is my 7 year old calico cat and she’s definitely the weirdest one. She loves to whine about wanting to be fed as she is ALWAYS hungry, likes to dramatically bundt her head against things, as well as laying on her back to show off her pink belly. It is a trap and she WILL bite you! Worth it!

Willow is my 6 year old tiny ginger “kitten.” She is actually sitting on my lap as I’m typing this! She is the friendliest cat and generally likes being around people. She likes getting boops on her freckled nose and she is very talkative and will give you sass. She can be a brat at times, especially when we’re raiding. Sometimes I start yelling at the screen while fighting a boss or something and she will try to get in-between me and my monitor in an attempt to calm me down. It’s cute, but it’s hard to play a game with a cat in your way, even a small one! 

Zoey is my ancient anxious dog. She’s a small terrier mix and spends most of her day following me around or watching for the mailman. If you’ve ever heard the term “velcro dog” that’s her to me. When Aredawg and I come home from being out, she always runs right past Aredawg to make a huge deal about me being home and not him. Every. Time. 

The chickens are: Harold, Josephine, Josie, Heidi, Queenie, Ruthie and Jane. They all have their own little personalities and they’re cute and entertaining little creatures! I have several fish as well, but not many are named. Except Chad the pea puffer. He knows what he did. 

If you could have a super power for 24 hours, what would it be and what would you do with it?
I’m going to agree with Bloodshox with talk to animals. I’d want to know what’s up with all of my pets, and to see if their voices sound like the voices I give them. Is the Bear actually grumpy and monotone? Does she actually hate Aredawg? Does Sona really sound like Honey Boo Boo? Why does Harold scream? So many questions! I’d might also go to an animal sanctuary or zoo if I had any left over time. 

What’s the most useless talent you have?
I’m really good at coming up with “million dollar ideas” that are mostly off the wall but in theory would work. IN THEORY!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Somewhere near the ocean on the west coast US, or any nice (not super populated) beach that’s far away from hurricane or tsunami zones. If I could spend every day just watching the ocean and picking up treasures on the beach that’d be my dream. 

What did you want to be when you were little?
When I was really little I wanted to be a lounge singer (no idea why), but that was only because I couldn’t grow up to be an actual cat. As an older child I wanted to be a veterinarian but learned in high school biology class that I do NOT like looking at or touching any squishy insides. Still don’t, even though I’m an Unlicensed Chicken Podiatrist™ now. 😂

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
Baby Got Back. 💯%

What is your spirit animal?
The Bear of course! My cat, not an actual bear. Although bears are cool too.

What small things brighten your day?
Getting unprompted pet snuggles, weather that is perfect for sitting in a hammock, a surprise flower blooming from my gardens, feeling pain free, and hanging out with/pestering Aredawg.

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?
I have a REALLY bad memory, at least at the time I’m writing this. So if you tell me something and I forget it I apologize. It’s annoying most of the time, but it can make movies and TV shows I’ve watched recently really fun as I don’t remember much of what happened. Especially with superhero movies!