Darkwind will be hosting two raid difficulties as we move into DF: Sunday Raid and Progression Raid. Sunday Raid will provide guild members exposure to organized raid content at a pace comfortable to the group as a whole. The Sunday Raid may be used to practice and refine execution of personal mechanics and group strategy in gearing your character. Progression Raid will provide guild members an opportunity to progress at a quicker pace, and is for those who display mastery of their class, consistently clean encounter execution, and overall reliability.

It takes dedication, motivation, research, and practice in order to contribute positively to an organized effort, suching as raiding. Having policies outlined allows raid leadership to provide a consistent atmosphere for those that participate in organized group content. A detailed list is not meant to deter from the overall enjoyment one gets from playing a game, but rather to encourage a level of professionalism needed in being successful as a raid group.

Minimum requirements for both Progression and Sunday Raid will be posted and updated regularly each raid tier and difficulty attempted. Additionally, the following guidelines have the best interests of our leadership’s preparation and organization in mind, while also being respectful of each guild members’ time and commitment to the cause:







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