*April Fools* The Haus of Kat – Competitive Game House by Katastros

Posted by admin 2014-04-01 in Uncategorized
Not to outshine the recent announcement of Canada Dry sponsoring Darkwind, but there is another announcement to be made. As many of you know I have not been playing WoW that much lately, instead I have been playing a lot of Hearthstone. I have also been working on another project, a competitive Hearthstone gaming house called the Haus of Kat! Several up and coming Hearthstone players will be moving into my apartment and we will be live-streaming our games as well as our life. This will be an exciting and innovative experiment and a chance to see real gamers in their natural habitat while also enjoying some competitive Hearthstone playing! If you are interested in joining the Haus of Kat please email me with your name, real ID, shoe size and your preference for top or bottom bunk. Everyone accepted to the Haus of Kat will live rent free for 6 months and receive a Razor Scooter in exchange documenting their life and gaming sessions. Also, there are cameras in the bathroom.