*April Fools* Darkwind Sponsorship by Katastros

Posted by admin 2014-04-01 in Uncategorized
Darkwind is proud to announce our first guild sponsorship, thanks to the great people at Canada Dry our guild is the first WoW guild sponsored by a ginger ale made from 100% real ginger! It’s taste is crisp and refreshing, just like Darkwind. Real Ginger. Real Taste. In the next few days we will be changing our guild tabard to match Canada Dry’s timeless red, green and shield logo and we will be changing our name to Darkwind Dry to show how much we support this great tasting beverage while they support us! Remember folds, if it’s not 100% ginger, it’s not Canada Dry.
Canada Dry, Canada Dry Ten, and the Shield Design are registered trademarks of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. and this is most certainly a joke.