Getting to Know Your Guildmates: Liarawolf by Bakey

Posted by admin 2014-03-10 in G2KYGNews

How long have you been playing WoW?

I’ve been playing WoW for almost two months now.

How did you start playing WoW?
Coming from a Guild Wars background and having never played WoW, you hear all of the WoW jokes about how it’s going to be dead soon.  Rather than just going along with it, I wanted to play the game for myself so that if it really did get as bad as they say then I would have an honest opinion of it.  I then came to learn that WoW isn’t going away for quite a while because it’s one of the strongest and most established MMO’s still on the market.

Favorite race/class/spec?
Worgen is best race.  I’ve also loved healing and supporting roles in every game I play.  I have the healer’s mindset.  As for favorite class/spec, I haven’t played all of the classes to have a complete favorite but I love my main resto druid.

Why Darkwind?
After getting randomly invited to a guild when I started, I only went along with it until I was high enough level to search for an actual guild.  I wanted a friendly atmosphere of people who knew the game and played it because they had FUN playing it.  I also wanted a guild that did end game content like raiding since that’s one of the reasons I started playing WoW in the first place because of its challenging nature.  When I was looking through the guild lists in game, I came across the Darkwind ad and instantly wanted to join.

If Blizzard were to shut down all servers tomorrow, what game are you playing?
If WoW servers were permanently taken offline I would probably go back to Guild Wars 2 or the giant assortment of games that I own like Bastion or something like Dark Souls.  It all depends on whether or not my friends are playing those games.  It’s hard for me to sit by myself and play a game alone anymore.

One awesome memory you have from WoW?
So far, my greatest memory is being able to join Darkwind in their flex raids.  I also love mumble because I firmly believe that the voice is much more powerful than the written word and can bring people closer together.

What’s your favorite thing to do in game?
Raiding, challenge dungeons, and helping out other people in the guild (When I know a bit more about the game itself)

What random event would you like to see Darkwind do?
I would like to see a full on Darkwind Assault of each of the Horde leaders cities.

You can have one superpower for 24 hours. Which one would you have and what would you do with it?
It depends on what you define as a “superpower”, Lycanthropy has always been an interesting topic in stories that I’ve read or movies that I’ve seen.  It’s usually seen as an evil thing that takes control over its owners mind.  What if one was able to conquer that sort of power?  This has been a story idea of mine for quite a long time set in a modern age where the magical realm is hidden behind the streets, forests, and cities of our time.  What would happen if you took an average kid, massacre his entire class in front of his own eyes with him being the only survivor with a terrible curse?  I’m not completely in to graphic detailing, but when writing a story, I feel that when dealing with a fantasy world there is no such thing as pretty without a little bit of gruesome cruelty.  It is the nature of evil.