Moving Past Malkorok and the Spoils of Pandaria by Shadram

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Malkorok, Garrosh’s failed experiment.  Yeah, you failed against Darkwind’s 25-man Team.  

And those Spoils of Pandaria?  Ours for the taking.

Onto the last few bosses of Siege!

Tanks: Bakey, Wagdwa
Healers: Growliebear, Mass, Minnieheals, Qatharin, Shadram, Squirrely
Melee DPS: Derekil, Katastros, Leiasha, Lovetten, Rikona, Sydgette, Wìdowmaker, Wußear
Ranged DPS: Ahvena, Axlos, Draycos, Kulwych, Lunahime, Malfrost, Oceolot, Spriggans, Valknyr
Malkorok 25-man
Spoils 25-man