Darkwind’s 25-man One-shots Iron Juggernaut by Shadram

Posted by admin 2014-01-19 in Uncategorized

So it happened tonight.  Continuing to solidify our progression on the server, Darkwind’s 25-man team adds another kill to our list.  In one-shot, to boot.

It was a great effort on everyone’s end.  Thanks to everyone for an awesome night of raiding, getting all 6 bosses down, each with only one pull.  Dark Shaman Kardris and Haromm, you are next!
Tanks: Bakey, Wagdwa
Heals: Growliebear, Mass, Minnieheals, Pyruel, Qatharin, Squirrely
Melee DPS: Derekil, Katastros, Leiasha, Rikona, Sydgette, Valga, Wìdowmaker, Wußear
Ranged DPS: Ahvena, Axlos, Draycos, Kulwych, Lunahime, Oceolot, Shadram, Shello, Vircator
Juggernaut 25-man