Darkwind Becomes Server First 25-man Guild by Shadram

Posted by admin 2013-12-29 in Uncategorized
As Darkwind pushes into the new year, we have graduated a lot of our raiders from flexible raiding to 25-man raiding.  Tonight, we became server first with downing the Amalgam of Corruption spawned, under Norushen’s guidance.
Congratulations, raiders.  Let’s continue to solidify our name amongst the raiding ranks, and continue to do what we do best: work together as a guild.
Tanks: Rykros, Wagdwa
Heals: Emiilie, Growliebear, Mass, Minnieheals, Qatharin, Squirrely
Melee DPS: Ayedeekay, Bakey, Derekil, Megamus, Nishu, Widowmaker, Wußear
Ranged DPS: Addimus, Kulwych, Lunahime, Merrdurr, Pyruel, Shadram, Shello, Spriggans, Toochin, Torquin
Norushen 25-man
Watch the fight from one of our tanks’ perspective: