BfA Hype! by Shadram

Posted by admin 2018-06-26 in News

Hey Darkwind,

Pre-patch is dropping soon, and BfA is closer than ever! With this comes a few Darkwind-related news bits to discuss, as we prepare for the Battle for Azeroth. This is a long one, so thanks if you get through it all.


Rank Shifts

With BfA, we are creating a new rank: Devout. A Devout is a dedicated and respected member of Darkwind that will be leadership nominated. While they may not have any outlined responsibilities, they have shown consistent support and helpfulness to the members of the community. In addition, the authenticated member ranks (Disciple & Fanatic) are being consolidated, as the difference in the guild perks were negligible.

After a lot of thought and sleepless nights, I’ve decided to step down as Guild Lead of Darkwind after 2 years of wearing the helm. Having to balance real life with in-game responsibilities is always tough, but this is a necessary move on my part. With this, Darkwind is looking towards moving towards a pure council-led structure, with an Elder Council. By definition, the Guild Lead of Darkwind “manages the officers, facilitates conversations about guild direction, and is responsible for establishment, modification, and enforcement of guild rules and policies,” and the spirit of this definition will be honored by this Council. Bakey and Karensa have been quietly working behind the scenes in tireless support of ensuring Darkwind’s success, and this move brings them more to the forefront.

In addition, Bloodshox is moving into Eldership, as our Content Lead. Bloodshox has done a great job in providing a consistent structure for our endgame content, and more than deserves the promotion. Our roles are as follows:

  • Bakey: Management Lead (making sure our tech doesn’t catch on fire)
  • Bloodshox: Content Lead (teaching us how not to stand in the fire)
  • Karensa: Morale Lead (putting out the fires)
  • Shadram: Community Lead (spreading fires & fire awareness)

Vortice is our newest Acolyte (grats, Vort!). He will be stepping into the role as a PvE Assist, supporting our content officers with end-game organization and execution. The other officers have already been hard at work, making sure they’re ready for BfA. It’ll be a great expansion.


Do All the Things!

Raiding: With the end of the expansion looming, Sunday and Progression Raids are going to be taking a break, after a couple final hurrahs. Bloodshox will be creating a survey for those of you who are looking to raid in BfA; if you’re interested, start thinking about narrowing down your focus for what you want to main/alt. Bloodshox and Waldhaar will be posting more details about those final raids, so keep an eye out for them in the #raiding channel.

Community Week: Reaching out to the WrA community. Recruitment push. Guild Hide and Seek. Guild raffle with a major gold prize to help you kick off BfA with money. New Discord social channels. A lot coming your way when pre-patch hits. All the hype.

Legion Wrap-up Party: Quimby’s been brainstorming some great ways to say good-bye to Legion, and they’re all great (spoiler: get a Legion-themed transmog ready, at the least). I can’t wait to see what the final product will be, and hope to see you there. Keep an eye on the #events channel in Discord for her announcements.

Adventure League: Aredawg’s looking to unveil a new casual D&D experience. Rather than sticking to a dedicated schedule, these will be one-shot-get-it-done-win-the-lootz evenings, so if you’re free one night to brush up on your fantasy role playing, join in on the fun. Details being finalized at the moment, so contain your excitement for a few more weeks.

Mage Tower: It’s up permanently (until we abandon it). Go do it, if you want the artifact skins and final personal challenge. With the artifact retirement quest line (artifact power jumping directly up to 126, and only powering up until they’re depleted in BfA), you’ll be more OP than ever. If you need tips or ideas, don’t hesitate to ask in Discord!

Ideas: If you have any ideas or suggestions, shameless plug of our Feedback Form, posted on our #welcome channel in Discord:

I think that about covers things. I look forward to continuing to share information and the happenings in Darkwind, and thank you for supporting us over the years! It has been my honor to be your Guild Lead in Legion, and looking forward to BfA as your Community Lead.


For the Alliance!