Breaking Into Blackrock Foundry by Shadram

Posted by admin 2015-02-03 in NewsUncategorized
Darkwind is well into the initial WoD raid tier, and is finding great success. As we progress into the second half of Tier 17, into Blackrock Foundry, a few raiding policies need some brushing up.
Raiding Environment
We try to provide a safe atmosphere for the raid group as a whole. Regarding Mumble: the 8 o’clock rule is still in effect in the Raiding channels. Inappropriate and polarizing conversation topics should always be left out of chat.
To minimize raid clutter in boss mechanics that can already seem excessive, companion pets and toys should not be used during focused pulls. In relation, during a boss pull, the channel should be clear for tank communication, raid lead instruction, and mechanic executions from assigned healers and DPS.
There are people assigned to instruct and organize the raid group. These are the Raid Leads. The Raid Leads have spent time adjusting and creating strategies that will work for the raid composition coming into raid. If you watched or read a strategy that is different than what is being executed, or want to offer suggestions, these are best done after raid with the raid leaders to avoid confusion amongst the others listening in Mumble.
If there are personal concerns, whisper a Raid Lead, and they will try to work with you the best they can. The Raid Lead may ask for more focus or less clutter. When asked, do so willingly. 
Loot Rules
The introduction of Personal Loot has allowed for streamlining of loot distribution. Since we are a team when we enter a raid instance, if a BoE epic drops off trash, the piece is offered to a team member, before it can go into the looter’s hands for personal benefit. The quicker we can gear our teammates, the quicker the team can find success in the raid.
It is up to the Raid Lead’s discretion as to whether the raid will be Personal Loot or Master Looter. If master looter, it is the Raid Lead’s decision as to which recipient will benefit the raid best.
Flexible raiding has allowed the leaders to bring more than a fixed 10 or 25 to raid. However, this can complicate healer/DPS balance and the minimum damage output needed to be successful.
Because of this, there are minimum DPS and gear requirements to be considered for a progression raid night. If a raid lead asks you to step out to adjust raid composition, this is not a permanent benching. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance in bettering damage output, gearing strategies, or what you can do to become part of the team the next week around. Initiative and attendance is noticed.
Tanks and healers are assigned roles. To allow for flexibility, people that like to tank or heal should be familiar with their DPS specs, or have an alt that meets the minimum DPS and gear requirements, and is cleared with the Raid Leader. 
In the end, Darkwind raiding is team-centered. A Darkwind raider thinks about how they can better help the team, as opposed to how they can help themselves. And rules may lax and tighten, depending on how the raid night and chemistry is going. But ultimately, Darkwind raiding is about clearing content together as a group, at a pace that is suited to the guild as a whole. When you join the raid team, you are in understanding of these guidelines.