Come Celebrate Winter’s Veil with Darkwind! by Shadram

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I hope the month of December proves to be a month of remembrance and reflection of the good memories you have had in 2014. Reflecting back on the past year, Darkwind has grown so much as a guild. Moving out of a holiday of thankfulness, let’s move into a month of gratitude and appreciation for those around us that have surrounded us with friendship and a feeling of family.

December’s main guild event is going to center around a White Elephant gift exchange. You may wonder: “Shad, I’ve never heard of a ‘White Elephant gift exchange…’ What is that?” White Elephant gift exchange is simply outlined as this:
Everyone brings a wrapped gift to the collection. This gift can range from something you want to get rid of from your inventory, something that sells for a pretty copper on the Auction House, a crafted BoE piece from your garrison profession building, some elaborately crafted mount, a rare raid pet drop you obtained… the sky’s the limit for what you would like to contribute to this lottery style exchange. As long as the item can be wrapped, and (to keep the spirit of Winter’s Veil positive) a gift you would personally like to receive, it is valid. 
A randomized number generator will determine the draw order, and if someone before you drew a gift you liked, you may “steal” the gift they chose, up to a total of three steals before it gets locked in the recipient’s hands.
If you are free on Monday, December 22, at 7pm server time, come join us for our guild Winter’s Veil party. Don’t hesitate to come, even if you do not bring a gift. There will be games and food for everyone there. In addition, if you would like to contribute to the gift collection and cannot make it to the actual event, we will make sure that a gift will be given to you in absentia. Come decked in your holiday outfits, or your santa suit. I know I will be dying my beard white to live out the Santa Shad role.
Hope you are staying warm this winter season, sign up on the in-game calendar, and hope to see you at our event!
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