Come Party with Us! by Shadram

Posted by admin 2016-02-19 in NewsUncategorized

When February rolls around, some think of long weekends in commemoration of our nation’s presidents, some try to find that perfect gift/treat/date idea for a significant other, others congregate donning colors of their favored football team to win the Superbowl, while some may even scratch their heads in bewilderment at the importance of furry little groundhogs gifting us with a few more weeks of winter. For Darkwind, February means another year of celebration in being a guild.

Seven years after its inception, Darkwind still finds its name amongst one of the largest and most active guilds on Wyrmrest Accord. Let’s celebrate that! This Sunday, February 21, at 7pm server, come join us in celebrating 7 years together. Leadership has been hard at work acquiring mount and rare pet prizes for the festivities, and there are unique games planned that our members have yet to experience! Door and cash prizes are also expected. Come dressed in a transmog that you feel represents Darkwind best!

Happy Anniversary, Darkwind members! Hope to see you there. 

Darkwind Celebrates!