Darkwind 25-man Downs Jin’rokh by Shadram

Posted by admin 2013-04-16 in Uncategorized

On 16 April 2013, Darkwind assembled its 25-man team to down Jin’rokh the Breaker, making our guild the first guild on Wyrmrest Accord to progress in 25-man territory (with only 24, not to mention)!

Tanks: Wagdwa, Wídowmaker
Healers: Minnieheals, Priska, Qatharin, Shadram, Squirrely, Yasunao
Melee DPS: Dorvalyn, Katastros, Megamus, Serstius, Skarp, Solviran, Vexz, Wußear
Ranged DPS: Addimus, Brunhammer, Draycos, Kristalean, Mithalwen, Shello, Tabbris, Ticktok