Darkwind Celebrates 7 Years by Shadram

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Darkwind's 7th

Last Sunday, our guild congregated to celebrate 7 years as a group. 7 years in a game that is 11 years old is quite a feat, to say the least. With a night of games and hard-to-obtain “Darkwind-themed” prizes, we kicked off the evening with three rounds of Darkwind Laser Tag, using Dazzling Rods around Shad’s garrison, Stormshield, and Stormwind’s Pumpkin Patch. Big congratulations to Bakey, Chopasuey, and Waldhaar for winning the Spectral Tiger Cub pets!

Darkwind Laser Tag

Three rounds of Capture the Flag divided up the group in two teams, splitting Stormwind City in half. Jail guards, flag guards, strike teams, and defenders required quite a bit of strategy from both teams. The winning team received Hexweave Bags, with some luckily walking away with a Corrupted Nest Guardian, the pet that drops off Iskar in HFC.

Karensa received a Garn Nighthowl mount by winning the transmog contest, and Minnie won our Darkwind 7th Anniversary Trivia Edition, riding away on a Jeweled Onyx Panther. The trivia questions asked:

  • Q: What is the name of Darkwind’s Horde guild on Steamwheele Cartel?     A: Gloomy Breeze
  • Q: What item does the guild use for guild Dodgeball games?     A: Heavy Leather Ball
  • Q: What was Darkwind’s first 25-man final boss kill as a guild?     A: Madness of Deathwing, Dragon Soul
  • Q: Which guild member has the most accumulated points on one character?     A: Katastros
  • Q: Who were the four healers present for Darkwind’s first Heroic Mar’gok kill in Highmaul?     A: Shadram, Qatharin, Liarawolf, Priska
  • Q: What was Wußear’s character name, before the higher powers at be forced a name change?     A: Careßear
  • Q: What has been the grand prize of the last few Hide and Seek events?     A: Vial of the Sands
  • Tiebreaker question: Name three of Shadram’s alts. 

Ending our evening with a guild kill of Drov, popping a guild achievement, we wrapped up our celebration. No event writeup could capture the energy of our guildmates throughout the course of the night. It was a blast to see so many people hanging out in Mumble, hearing laughter, strategizing, and anecdotes.

Here’s to many more years of being a guild.