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We know you love World of Warcraft, so we know you love RPGs! How about kickin’ it old school with the game that started it all, Dungeons and Dragons! D&D is a great mixture of role play, decision making, and action sequences. The old tabletop game near and dear to everyone’s hearts has moved from that wonky card table in the basement to the small screen (Stranger Things), the big screen (yay new movie!) and now, to your computer screen!

Darkwind has a very active D&D program, led by our intrepid D&D Coordinator Aredawg! We asked a few questions about D&D so warm up that (100% unloaded) 20-sided dice and read on!

So, how would you define and describe D&D?
To me, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has been a great tool of creativity and cooperation.  As a DM, I like to see my players interact with each other and tackle some of the more dangerous creatures I’ve thrown them against.  In a way, it’s a lot like raiding, as the players need to work together to get through a dangerous dungeon that could hold treasure, experience, or a deadly dragon.

What got you started in D&D?
I got started with D&D when I asked Vhati to run a game for me and Growlie back in 2017.  I had never played D&D before, but I had started watching Critical Role and was instantly enthralled.  Since Vhati had played D&D before, he was the perfect candidate to teach me how to play.  I bought the Players Handbook and created a character along with Growlie and Whydah.  We played two games before I chose to run my own campaign.

How long have you run campaigns?
I started running my campaigns at the end of 2017 with one group that split into two groups, a Saturday group and a Monday group.  Since it was my first time DMing, I decided to run parallel campaigns until the party reached 4th level.  After that, the campaign became mutual, with one thing occurring in one campaign having the potential to affect the other.  Eventually, Monday group grew too big and it was split into two groups.

What are the differences between running a campaign and playing a character in one?
I’d say the major difference is preparation.  As a player, you need less time to prepare for a game.  Most of your work is to go through the DM’s plots and add your particular flair to it.  As a DM, preparation is key.  Without preparation, your players won’t be having a fun time as you try to scramble together a story.  A good DM is always prepared, especially if the party does something unexpected like insight on a dragon shapeshifted into a benefactor.

How does the ‘virtual’ D&D thing work?
So for Darkwind, we use our Discord for voice communication.  I have found that voice is essential for D&D.  While there are DMs out there who can thrive on chat alone, I find that being able to tell a story rather than write it is more fulfilling.  We also use Roll20, which stores our maps and characters.  Roll20 is a great web tool that allows players and DMs to play together without needing to be in the same room.  Another great tool is D&D Beyond and the Chrome extension Beyond 20.  This can take your game further as you can have your character set up in an official D&D tool and Beyond 20 allows you to ‘port’ your character’s actions (rolls, attacks, spells, etc.) into Roll20.

What can a player expect, in joining one of your campaigns?

I try to make my campaigns as fun as possible.  I give plenty of opportunity for my players to interact with my world and with each other.  The more they can do that, the better.  While we do have a wiki for my world, it isn’t yet completed, but you can find it here: Darkwind D&D Wiki

To a beginner, what resources would you recommend?
First and Foremost, D&D Beyond.  It is a great tool and you can purchase legal copies of the D&D books that are out.  This allows you access to building your characters easier as it’s all there ready for you to play.  If you’re more of an analog player like myself, getting the Player’s Handbook is great.  A comedic breakdown of the classes, races and other stuff can be found here:  A Crap Guide to D&D.

There are a ton of other great resources for players and DMs alike.  If you’re more interested in looking for games to run, I’d suggest Dungeon Masters Guild. They have a lot of good adventures, classes and other helpful tips.  Beware, some are free, others are not.

What do you love most about D&D?
What isn’t there to love?  There are tales of mystery, magic, science and power to be told.  You can start as a lowly peasant and become the king of a large kingdom over the course of a campaign.  Mostly, I love the interactions my players have with each other.  No two players are alike and that is okay.  As long as the party (and thus my players) are having fun, that’s really what matters.

Interested, or have questions? Contact Aredawg in Discord directly, in the #darkwind-dnd channel,  or in Wow! Come and join! 

Schedule of current D&D games: 
Monday Group 1: DM: Aredawg; Players: Liarawolf, Theodreth, Joyus, Shrubbery, Raern
Monday Group 2: DM: Aredawg; Players: Growlie, Gweezlebur, Bakey, Enishi, Vox (Soon™)
Friday Group: DM: Fizgig; Players: Aredawg, Theodreth, Joyus, Draycos, LittleSammy, Enishi
Saturday Group 1: DM: Aredawg; Players: Fizgig, Draycos, Vhati, Whydah, Theodreth, Joyus, Avariel
Saturday Group 2: DM: Vhati; Players: Aredawg, Growlie, Theodreth, Joyus, Whydah, Liarawolf

New campaigns starting soon
New Monday Group: DM: Apo; Players so far: Unknown
New Friday Group: DM: Aredawg; Players so far: Luminesa, Ramza, Graenah, Lorccen, more TBD

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