Darkwind Goes Pink for October by Shadram

Posted by admin 2016-10-31 in NewsUncategorized

Every October, Darkwind changes its guild colors pink, in order to raise awareness for breast cancer and cancer prevention. In addition to changing our guild colors, we hold an annual Naked Race to parade through some of the major Alliance cities shouting our cause. Even if one individual ingame hears the pleas to get regular checkups, our mission is complete. 

We had a great turnout for our Naked Race and Hallow’s End party. Bakey won our scary transmog contest, and Malfrost won our sexy transmog contest. After killing the daily boss in Bradensbrook, we played three rounds of Vampire Assassins in the cornfields at Bradensbrook. What is Vampire Assassins, you ask? Maybe join us for future guild events, or ask a member that attended. It was a blast!

Hope more can join us in our guild events, as we wrap up 2016! Gratitude Week is coming in November, and our annual Winter’s Veil party is in December!

Breast Cancer Awareness