Darkwind HFC raid time adjustments Week of Aug 11-16 by Seraphroy

Posted by admin 2015-08-10 in NewsUncategorized

Hey guys, Seraphroy here.

Been doing some juggling of the raid times for this week, in order to have some stable leadership of HFC as I’m on nights, Shad is working on real life stuff (the scrub), and other leaders are out of the picture on Tuesday.

As a result, both raids on Tuesday have been moved. Wednesday, late time will still go in and down the first handful of bosses. Thursday, early time will go and do the same. On Sunday, both times have their scheduled raid times as a go into the later bosses. These changes have been made on the in game calendar, so please sign up if you can make it.

Hopefully this will still work for the majority of people. I know it’s an unusual raidweek, but the leadership felt it best for stability in the raids, and all that fun stuff. I hope you understand, and apologies for any confusion. See you guys there!