Darkwind Moving to Horde – April Fool’s Joke by Katastros

Posted by admin 2013-04-01 in Uncategorized
With the new month comes a huge announcement for Darkwind. In the next few weeks we will be transferring the guild and several of our characters to the Horde side. We will still be the same guild we have always been but we will be Horde. This took a long time deliberating to come to this decision but it is a logical choice for us. Being Horde will allow us some amazing and new experiences plus it will open us up to a whole new crop of recuits. We will have much more competitive raid and PvP teams and we will have a whole new set of stories for those members who choose to roleplay.
We understand that this is not ideal for everyone, so we are creating a new Alliance guild called Darkwind Remants. It will be for those who prefer Alliance to the Horde and for those who can’t afford (or are too cheap) to switch. If you can’t afford it but really want to play on the winning side too, this is hope yet! Next weekend we will be holding a lottery of sorts to pick 10 members to have one character each faction changed. More info on the lottery coming in a future post. The transfers are being generously paid for by our officers, who are also paying to move ALL of their characters over. Who will lead the Alliance guild? The winner of our next Hide & Seek event will get the title!
We are very excited about this change and we hope you are too! For the Horde!!!!
-Katastros <Darkwind> Horde – Wyrmrest Accord