Darkwind Runs Molten Core by Shadram

Posted by admin 2014-11-30 in NewsUncategorized

We are fortunate to have such an active player base in Darkwind. Fortunate enough that we don’t have to endure the mob mentality and troll pullers in the chaos that can be Molten Core 40-man LFR. Blizzard’s 10th Anniversary celebration found 40 of our members grouping up to relive a flash from the past, with a difficulty that was reminiscent of how raiding once was. And from a healer’s perspective, seeing all 40 people pop up with debuffs, I am glad raiding is where it is at now.

MC Group
From seeing a full raid group crashing my garrison, nearly reaching our Mumble capacity of users, sacrificing Katastros to a mind control, listening to guild members reminisce about their time in Vanilla raiding, and witnessing great coordination between our tanks and our mass-dispelling priests, I’m glad to have spent that Sunday evening with our guild mates. Ragnaros didn’t even stand a chance. But I’m sure Pags must have been cleaning his garrison for days, from all the core hound and molten corgi droppings after our run…
Core Hounds
If you would like to watch a live stream recording of our time in Molten Core, visit Liarawolf’s Twitch Channel here. We hope to get another group of people their core hound mounts soon, so come join us the next time another guild run goes up on the calendar!