DarkwindCon 2017! by Shadram

Posted by admin 2017-02-07 in NewsUncategorized

Hey Darkwind, here to elaborate on DarkwindCon2017, which we announced last night during Darkwind’s 8th Anniversary!

Who: Darkwind Members and family!

Where: Anaheim, CA

When: Early November 2017, the weekend of BlizzCon

A handful of us are looking to secure tickets to BlizzCon, which go on sale for two days in April. However, they are hard to get and sell out within minutes. There will also be a group probably not attending BlizzCon but staying in the area, as there are other things to do (Disneyland, sight seeing, staying in and just playing Parcheesi, etc). At minimum, we will have one big meetup over dinner together.

Travel and lodging expenses can start to rack up, so we wanted to plant the seed early. Get that vacation time scoped out! Once we have an announced date for ticket sales, we will be coordinating to figure out who can purchase extra BlizzCon tickets (more credit card points! In the past, each person could buy 4 tickets), who members can obtain tickets from, and lodging arrangements for those who would like to split a bill.

Let’s make this happen, Darkwind! Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming months!