Flex Raiding Progress: 9/24/13-9/30/13 by Katastros

Posted by admin 2013-09-30 in Uncategorized

Darkwind has had a very successful week with the Siege of Orgrimmar Flex raiding. On Tuesday we took a shot at Galakras, the first boss of the Gates of Retribution. Although we were not able to down the proto-drake on Tuesday we did come back on Thursday and killed it, along with a solid defeat on the Iron Juggernaut. Last night we went back into the Vale of Eternal Sorrow and once again defeated the first three bosses and then, for the first time, killed the Sha of Pride. All four of Sunday night’s kills were one shots, making for a wipe free night. Congratulations on all of this week’s raiders on downing 3 new bosses and bringing our Flex raiding kill count to 6 out of 14. Tonight we will head back into the Gates of Retribution and with a little luck, some patience and a helluva lot a skill we can add one or two more bosses to that total. I hope to see you all there tonight for some Darkwind raiding!