Get to Know Your Guildmates: Mass by Bakey

Posted by admin 2014-05-19 in G2KYGNews

How long have you been playing WoW?
Since 4 days after the Game opened.

How did you start playing WoW?  
I went out and bought the collector’s edition because a few of my buddies were getting bored with Star Wars Galaxies and boom here I still am. 

What’s your favorite class/race/spec?
Resto Shaman

Why Darkwind?  
Because of Widow and Qatharin.  I live with them and they really enjoyed the guild and talked me into transferring all my toons over Alliance after being Horde since inception. 

If Blizzard were to shut down all servers tomorrow, what game are you playing?
SWTOR, STO, and Neverwinter

What’s one awesome memory you have from WoW?  
Being one of the first level 60’s in the game because I was running with buddies and being so dominant for a week or so.  I was awesome being able to start things that others didn’t because we were a group of organized rl peeps

What’s your favorite thing to do in game?

What random event would you like to see Darkwind do?
Have an alt raid to gear up some up and comers or allow peeps to engage well armed alts in raids.  I know that some people are alt happy and it is good to work with that.  

What do you do for a job? What would you rather be doing for a job?
I am a bartender/manager of a little French restaurant in Richardson TX.  I would rather be a starship pilot exploring the galaxy and seeing what’s really out there.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?
If the entire guild came to the house, I would have to say that I would probably prepare either a cajun buffet with gumbo, fried catfish, redbeans and rice, dirty rice of course, cornbread, blackened chicken and such.  Or do a lot of specialty differing dishes that could be served over a period of time like casseroles and the like.  And that depends if we have weird people that only eat chicken strips from McDonalds or no onions or mushrooms……

What fictional robot would you most like to have as a personal friend?
R2-D2 because that little guy is adaptable and damn intelligent.  And he could help me design my own x-wing