Getting to Know Your Guildmates Episode XXVII: Amelaii by Minnieheals

Posted by admin 2012-12-17 in G2KYGNews

How long have you been playing WoW?
About a year and a half and I am still very much a newbie (noob, nub, newb…I have no idea what the difference is).
How did you start playing WoW?
I work with patients that have a Spinal Cord Injury. One day I was talking with a patient who has very limited use of his hands, asking him about his hobbies and interests. He proceeded to tell me of his love of WoW, his guild (almost 50 regularly playing family members!), that someone from Blizzard had helped him make adaptations so he could play WoW with limited hand use, and how it has provided much needed fun. Having played Guild Wars back in the day I became intrigued, started playing, and was hooked instantly. The game is aesthetically beautiful and I am always discovering different content that keeps me continuously entertained (ooooh shiny!).
Favorite race/class/spec?
Dwarf is my favorite race without question, possibly because I look and drink like one. Class is a little more difficult to answer…I have only really played a hunter. I am fascinated by Paladins, it seems like so many people absolutely love that class. Paladins seem pretty tough, which I think would be fun.
Why Darkwind?
Before I was with Darkwind, I was looking for a guild of people that were friendly, helpful, funny…I don’t have any friends that play WoW and wanted a social aspect to my gameplay. I found all of the above in Darkwind! Everyone has been really welcoming and more than helpful with questions.
If Blizzard were to shut down all the servers tomorrow, what game are you playing?
Board games! Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Axis and Allies, Rummikub, cards, Slide Five, Take it Easy, Golden City, Vikings…
One awesome memory you have from WoW?
I watched the Auction House for the Hulking armor set chestpiece forever and it never showed. Finally I decided to farm it. I farmed for months and finally one day it dropped. I love treasure hunting and have been addicted to transmog farming since!
What’s your favorite thing to do in game?
I can often be found in Stormwind putting on a show in the Trade District…throwing orange paint at people, using my Chalice of the Mountain Kings and dancing in the middle of the Dwarves, or placing a finishing line by the auction house and challenging people to a foot race.
What random event would you like to see Darkwind do?
A title party! I would love to get together with other guildies and help/get help with obtaining titles. Or maybe a social/roleplay camping event with cooking fires, Dwarven Stout and storytelling somewhere in the mountains or on the coast.
If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be and why?
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs…because I’m just a little bit crazy.