Guild Officers and Ranks by Katastros

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Darkwind Officers:


  • Bakey – Management Lead
  • Bloodshox – Content Lead
  • Karensa – Morale Lead
  • Shadram – Community Lead


  • Aredawg – Darkwind D&D Coordinator
  • Jinxie – Recruitment Officer
  • Malfrost – Guild Vault Manager
  • Soranai – PvE Specialist
  • Waldhaar – Sunday Raid Coordinator


  • Byakuei – Mythic+ Coordinator
  • Graenah – Community Assist
  • Jonny – PvP Coordinator

Officer Position Descriptions:

  • Elder Council – Facilitates conversation about guild direction, and is responsible for establishment, modification, and enforcement of guild rules and policies.
  • Community Lead – Oversees the recruitment and assimilation process, promotes community involvement, posts news and regular announcements, and schedules regular social events for the guild.
  • Content Lead – Oversees organized PvE current content, and works with Content Officers to schedule endgame events for the guild.
  • Management Lead – Manages web content, Discord, social media, and tech for Darkwind.
  • Morale Lead – Supports officers in their responsibilities, maintains positive relationships between guild members, resolves any member issues, and acts as the moral conscience of Darkwind. 

  • Darkwind D&D Coordinator  Serves as Darkwind D&D DM, and coordinates Adventure League nights.
  • Guild Vault ManagerOversees gold inflow, as well as organization and supplying of the guild vault and production of materials.
  • PvE Specialist  The go-to person for class/spec assistance and performance improvement, who also supports the Content Officers
  • Recruitment Officer  Oversees recruitment and growth of the guild roster, through application processing and interviews.
  • Sunday Raid Coordinator  Organizes and leads Sunday Raid.

  • Mythic+ Coordinator  Facilitates M+ team creation, trains group leaders, and provides general tips for Mythic+ dungeons.
  • PvP Coordinator  Organizes and oversees organized PvP activities.
  • Community Assist  Assists in the communications for Darkwind, through social media management and posts.

Darkwind Guild Ranks:

  • Elder – Leading Council of Darkwind
  • Praetor – Senior Officer
  • Acolyte – New Officer
  • Devout – Esteemed Members
  • Zealot – Progression Raider
  • Disciple – Member (must be a member for 30+ days AND have an authenticator)
  • Neophyte – Initiate (members newer than 30 days OR do not have an authenticator)