Hellfire Citadel – First Week Accomplishments by Seraphroy

Posted by admin 2015-06-28 in NewsUncategorized

After months of punching bosses in Blackrock Foundry in the face (and getting punched in the face a bunch by Blackhand, the jerk), Darkwind was ready for something new.

Both times started on Tuesday night. Both times had similar success, reaching and defeating Kormrok, before having one pull on the High Council to close the first night. What wasn’t realized at the time however is that Darkwind earned a guild victory. The early time’s kill on Normal Kormrok was the first on the server.

Late time continued on the Wednesday, picking up where we left off, toasting the Council and eventually killing Kilrogg.

Early time picked up again Thursday, and while we didn’t get Kilrogg down a second time in the week, progress was made on the fight, and left everyone hungry for a kill in the near future.

Looking at the guild picture on Wyrmrest Accord, Darkwind is looking rather strong. All raiders should be proud, no matter what time they are able to make it at. We are one guild, one raiding team, and all victories are for the guild, not for the individual.

Onwards and upwards, Darkwind! The Fel Legion awaits us!