May Updates by Shadram

Posted by admin 2018-05-01 in News

IT’S MAY, DARKWIND! Hard to believe a third of 2018 has already passed us by. So with only a few months until pre-patch & the new expansion, we just wanted to fill you guys in on what Darkwind is working on, through to the launch of BfA and onward.

Bakey’s been testing out some new features that we’re looking to roll out for our DARKWIND DISCORD UPDATES. We’ll be creating new social channels which will allow more opportunities for our community to interact, in addition to channels to discuss other games we may be playing as Legion is wrapping up. If you haven’t gotten used to Discord, it’s a great communication tool to stay in touch with our gaming community. Pick up the Discord app on your phone, hop in a voice channel while gaming, make a new friend! While you’re at it, fill out Growlie’s “Get to Know Your Guildie” survey:

Bloodshox & Waldhaar are still leading PROGRESSION & SUNDAY RAIDS, respectively. The end of an expansion is a great time to figure out which characters you want to main or alt in BfA. Sunday Raid is a great place to gear and learn your class, and Progression Raid will help you refine your gameplay. In addition, Liarawolf continues to host MYTHIC+ NIGHTS every Wednesday.

Quimby’s been providing regular opportunities for fun and quirky EVENTS, including but not limited to  transmog/pet/achievement runs that bring us through often overlooked & obscure content. She does a great job of posting on Discord & Facebook what and when these events are, so check regularly for what these events are. Darkwind will be hosting a HIDE & SEEK shortly, and a COMMUNITY OUTREACH WEEK during pre-patch.

Ticket sale dates for BLIZZCON 2018 have been announced. If you want to challenge RNGesus in trying to buy tickets, make sure you are free a few minutes before 7pm PDT/10pm EDT Wed, May 9 and/or 10am PDT/1pm EDT on Sat, May 12. If you’re interested in meeting up in Anaheim during BlizzCon weekend, keep an eye out for details in the near future.

If you need a great guide on things to work on prior to pre-patch: is a great place to browse. Also, don’t hesitate to drop some feedback for the leadership with ideas/suggestions/comments in our Feedback Form found in the #welcome channel on Discord.

I’d like to offer a big THANK YOU to the leadership who work behind the scenes to keep the guild running consistently and successfully through Legion. The amount of preparation it takes Aredawg to DM and write 2 DnD campaigns, Malfrost keeping our vault stocked all expansion and bringing our coffers into BfA with several million gold, Karensa managing stress levels and keeping the peace. It’s often a thankless unpaid job, and it takes a special kind of person to remain so committed to providing for our community.  Make sure to take some time to show some appreciation to an officer for what they do for Darkwind.

Here’s to the last few months of Legion, and looking forward to BATTLE FOR AZEROTH!

DW Officers