Mogu’shan Vaults 25-man: Cleared by Shadram

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Darkwind’s 25-man takes a break from its normal grind in Throne of Thunder to finish up the guild achievement in Mogu’shan Vaults: 28 May 2013.

MV Clear 25-man

Tanks: Wagdwa, Wídowmaker
Healers: Growliebear, Minnieheals, Priska, Qatharin, Squirrely
Melee DPS: Kîng, Nishu, Skarp, Svelterror, Vendry, Wußear
Ranged DPS: Addimus, Amburley, Brunhammer, Draycos, Larinde, Lunahime, Kristalean, Shadram, Shello, Ticktok, Worganfreemn