Officer Appreciation Day by Squirrely

Posted by admin 2014-09-07 in NewsUncategorized

Today is Officer Appreciation (OA) Day, so take a few minutes to send some kind words and tokens of appreciation to your guild officers. Darkwind has been on the server for five years, and during that time, has grown immensely. Online communities take a ton of work and caring to cultivate, and much of that work happens behind the scenes and can be thankless, which is why we established Officer Appreciation Day a few years ago. Darkwind didn’t happen overnight, and there are a lot of people who deserve credit for its success and longevity on the server.

So to all my fellow Officers: thank you for all the time, energy, lost sleep, and sanity you have spent in making Darkwind what it is. And thank you to all the guildies who make being part of this guild such a rewarding experience. Without you, there would not be a Darkwind to love!
OA Day