Summer in Darkwind by Shadram

Posted by admin 2020-06-04 in News

Hey Darkwind,

As summer moves in, our anticipation for new content continues to grow. Shadowlands launches at the end of 2020, and Darkwind plans to say farewell to this expansion as we welcome the new one. Once we have a launch date, we will roll out our FAREWELL TO BFA PARTY and our FAREWELL TO BFA RAID SERIES. Until then, keep an eye on the Discord #events channel and in-game calendar if guildies are posting events, post your discussion points in #shadowlands, and continue corrupting your characters until the system goes away!

Our leadership team is looking for your feedback. Even after 11 years of being a guild, there are always ways we can improve. If you have a moment to fill out our DARKWIND SURVEY, we can discuss this feedback as we make plans for our guild future and direction. We appreciate your time and your thoughts. Darkwind’s 2020 Survey here:

This last part is difficult. We’ve been used to Azeroth in pain. Magni won’t shut up about it. Now America is in pain, and we won’t shut up about it either. We have always had a ‘no politics’ rule in Darkwind to avoid unnecessary conflict; but as our people are hurting, please BE KIND TO EACH OTHER. This policy should be universal, regardless of political preference. Take Action Against Inequality by Listening. Donating. Educating Yourself. Voting for Reform. Speaking Up Against Injustice. Doing Better.

While we may keep our guild chat and public Discord channels free of divisive discussion for those who try to escape real world stresses, have conversations with those who are willing to open those discussions with you. Your Darkwind Elders (Bakey, Bloodshox, Karensa, & Shadram) are here to listen. We seek to cultivate a strong community in Darkwind, and we hope to strengthen it as our world addresses racial inequality.

Stay safe and healthy out there, everyone.