The State of Darkwind – August 2012 by Katastros

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We are just one week from patch 5.0.4 and just over one month from the launch of Mists of Pandaria. There are going to be a lot of changes coming to WoW very soon: a revamped talent system, new leveling content, pet battles, and much more. But also, we are seeing some changes to Darkwind over the coming weeks. Some of these changes are already in effect, but most you will see very soon. From rank and guild vault changes to new officers to a brand new guild website, we have some great stuff happening in Darkwind!


Rank Changes

So the past three and a half years Darkwind’s rank system has not changed much, but it is time for a revamp. The way the majority of our ranks are set up is by level, but not anymore. Neophytes will continue to be the new members and the rank of Disciple will change from being members 1-25 to being all general members. Adept and Adherent ranks are going away (for now.) Fanatic is going from being a rank for all level 85 members to a rank for Veteran members, more details on how to become a Fanatic will be coming soon. Zealot is going to remain the raiding rank. Zealots and Fanatics are members that have excelled in Darkwind, by contributing to the guild and being an active and reliable member. The rank of Acolyte is being bumped up from a rank for mid-level members to a rank for Junior Officers. These Acolytes will be officers in training who will assist the Darkwind officers with specific tasks and duties. The ranks of Praetor and Elder will remain the same, encompassing the leadership of Darkwind.


Guild Vault

Some of you may have noticed that the guild vault’s tabs have changed, and permissions are in the process of being updated. Most of the changes are self-explanatory but if you have questions feel free to ask an officer for help.


New Officers

We have seen many officers come and go over the past few years and that will continue to happen, but now we have some new ones (and some new positions.) Squirrely has taken on the role of our new Morale Officer after replacing Kulwych (who is still an officer but stepped down from that position) and Bakey will continue to act as the Assistant Morale Officer. Minnieheals has been promoted to position of Guild Vault Manager, it is a thankless job but somebody has to do it…tell her thanks. Aredawg is expanding his responsibility, instead of just overseeing Darkwind Roleplay events he will also be overseeing non-RP Darkwind events such as parties, holiday events and the hide-and-seek event. We are still looking for a couple of Acolytes to assist with RP and/or event coordination. Also, we have promoted our first Acolyte, Brizle! He is taking on the noble and majestic position of Class Master. He will be in charge of managing Darkwind’s Class Leads. Over the next week or so we will be introducing more information about the new Class Lead program. As we grow, our need for new officers and junior officers will grow as well, just pay attention to our Facebook group and website for information. Speaking of website…


New Website

In just a few days we will be launching Darkwind’s brand spanking new website, which can also be reached by our new domain! This new website has a lot of awesome features, including an in-game chat client that let’s you access Facebook chat, Twitter, Skype, and Enjin chat, plus plenty of other cool stuff. Our old website, will be shutting down shortly after the new site launches. Be sure to sign up on the new website as soon as possible!


If you have any questions, ideas, comments, concerns, or fears about any of these changes, feel free to contact me or any other officer. I am excited about the upcoming changes to WoW and Darkwind, and I hope to enjoy all them with you all. Thanks for being part of Darkwind and helping make it one of the best guilds ever.