Whomper Finds a Home by Shadram

Posted by admin 2018-12-07 in News

Whomper Thanks

This past Thanksgiving, Darkwind hosted a Gratitude Raffle. Members could spend 100g to purchase a ticket for someone else in the guild, attaching a note of thankfulness for just about anything: for help with completing a weird achievement, for grouping with them through a low Mythic+ key, for gold donations so they could pay off a repair bill from all the untimely deaths off cliffs, for managing to make them laugh with a dumb joke. Our #events channel in Discord blew up with public notes of gratitude, and people’s mailboxes were flooded with notes of appreciation and ticket numbers.

With 1,630 tickets sold, Darkwind helped find 3 Whompers a home! Congrats to Growlie, Gwenych, & Jinxie for holding the three winning tickets. And a big thank you to everyone who bought tickets on behalf of other members in the guild.